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Former KC Man accused of using counterfeit casino chips

Thank God he’s a former Kansas City man. The article doesn’t say whether we kicked him out of Kansas City or he left on his own. I’m guessing we kicked him out for being a douche. Also … aren’t former men just called … women? I’m just sayin’ …

But this one is my favorite:  Johnson County daycare closed for discipline with riding crop. I know a few businesses I’d like to discipline with a riding crop, but I wouldn’t close them down first. I would want all the customers to be able to observe and/or participate.

On to less serious infractions … I’ve been slacking, haven’t I? I’ve been leaving you with Unconscious Mutterings and your own devices. Trust me, I know how dangerous that is.  I’ll be back soon with a real post. For reals.

In the meantime, I stole this from Lass, because that’s where I get all my ideas lately.  I can’t embed it.  What? I’m a network chick. Click the link. Trust me.

The Periodic Table of Swearing