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It’s been an interesting week. And by interesting I mean … da-aang. Remember my friend Leslie? She’s my age. We’ve known each other since we were 5 years old. She had a heart attack last week. She’s okay, but she could have  not been okay very easily. It gave me a lot to think about, mostly why we haven’t really been talking much lately. The 43 year old adult me loves her just as much as the 5 year old me did. Somehow that got lost in the shuffle of life. It’s fine that the universe occasionally reminds me of what is important, but seriously, does it have to be so dramatic??

I will probably be passwording a few posts in the near future. Watch your email. But before I write things that will self-destruct after reading (you should probably step away from your monitor at that point. Just sayin’ ), I will tackle this week’s Unconscious Mutterings. Don’t worry about being clever because my answers make no sense whatsoever this week. Or any week for that matter.

  1. Dickens ::
  2. Collection ::
  3. Weekends ::
  4. Travel ::
  5. District ::
  6. Vampires ::
  7. Peep show ::
  8. Crochet ::
  9. Lion ::
  10. Fetch ::

  1. Dickens :: Charles. Come on …
  2. Collection :: coin
  3. Weekends :: respite
  4. Travel :: let’s go
  5. District :: of Columbia
  6. Vampires :: Salvatore brothers (and the delicious Elena)
  7. Peep show :: That’s a book I haven’t read.
  8. Crochet :: blanket
  9. Lion :: GET IN THE CAR!
  10. Fetch :: cats don’t fetch. Cats expect. Expectantly.