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I’ve been buried in Java programming, which is better than math, but not a lot. The problem is that I’m in an advanced class and I took the intro over two years ago. Um … hello? I’m just trying to keep up, but it is kind of fun.

It also occurred to me that I’m being boring with a lot of cryptic crap that doesn’t make sense to anyone but me. Life is a journey and it’s been a wild ride lately. Also? It’s storming like hell. Which makes me happy. Because I’m like that.

You know what else makes me happy? Getting stuff in the mail.  I got stuff in the mail from Allie at Hyperbole and a Half. She is seriously awesomely funny and I wish I had half her talent.  What I am about to show you comes from this post but don’t go read it yet because if you do, you will spend all afternoon reading her blog and you won’t come back here. And I’ve missed you guys.

This is what I bought from Allie’s store.  (Also, I want an Alot t-shirt. Based on this post. Feel free to buy it for me. Thanks)

Click to embiggen.

And then we have obligatory kitten pictures.

The voices are telling me to kill you.