Getting caught in my underwear seems to be a pattern these days.

When I moved into this apartment, I was impressed with the balcony off my bedroom. I have a sliding glass door and vertical blinds … it’s very nice. The layout is a little odd because my apartment is actually the attic of a house. My front door is at the back of the house and my living room gives way to the kitchen. On the right side of the kitchen is my spare bedroom, which serves as my computer room. On the left is my bedroom. And behind the kitchen is my combination bathroom/washroom, with a door through the kitchen and one through my bedroom.

I don’t really have much of a view. From my “front” windows, I have a view of the driveway and the apartments next to my house.  From my computer room I can only see the apartment building next to the house and from my bedroom, I have a view of the roof of the house next door.

Because I don’t have much of a view, I don’t worry (very much) about walking around in my underwear.

Here’s the layout:

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I was doing laundry. My sliding glass door was open … and I was in a t-shirt … and panties.  The washer and dryer are just beyond the sink you can see in the second picture. That’s when I looked over toward the sliding glass door and saw this …