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It’s over. I made it through my fourth and final math class. If you ever need to know anything about Finite Math, which seems to be everything but calculus, please feel free to ask someone else. Because. I. Am. Finished. (I started to say I am “done” but I heard my middle school English teacher in my head yelling, “Things in the oven get done! People get finished!” Her name was Miss Hayward and she was actually a speech teacher but that sounds like I had a speech impediment, which is not twue. It was a class for public speaking, which kind of came in handy a time or two, but I didn’t want to say “my public speaking teacher” because that is long and awkward-sounding – sort of like this explanation.)

So that’s why I’ve been kind of scarce – I’ve been working very hard to get through this stupid class with sanity intact. I may even end up with a C, which is a whole letter grade better than what I expected. For those of you following along, Java II is next. Please stand by.

But now it’s time for Unconscious Mutterings. I skipped the last couple of weeks because of the reasons stated above and also because a couple of the words were repeated. I know! The scandal! The non-repeated words come from LunaNina.

You know how it goes. Say the first thing that pops into your head – no matter what. No cheating! I’ll know if you change your answers. Mine are after the jump. No looking! I’ll know if you look at mine first.

  1. Fresh air ::
  2. Bodyguard ::
  3. Wedding ::
  4. Remind ::
  5. Wicked ::
  6. Crawling ::
  7. Gasoline ::
  8. Anyone ::
  9. Dancing ::
  10. Wall ::

  1. Fresh air :: NPR
  2. Bodyguard :: Kevin Costner movie. Now I need brain bleach. Thanks.
  3. Wedding :: rings
  4. Remind :: me later
  5. Wicked :: Elphaba
  6. Crawling :: creepy
  7. Gasoline :: alley
  8. Anyone :: ? Bueller?
  9. Dancing :: on air
  10. Wall :: Street