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While MoC is out of town it is my job to have a party in her house so come on by! look after my grandfather and make sure he doesn’t terrorize the other residents.  I went to visit him today. MoC asked me to pay the bill while she is gone, so I stopped by the front desk first.

Me: Hi, I’m John’s daughter.

Polite, but blank, stare from the receptionist.

Me: Wait. No. I’m not.  I’m his granddaughter.

Awesome. I just aged myself  30 years. It’s like magic – only, not.

We had a fun chat. It’s a different kind of conversation than when I’m with MoC. Usually, I’m very quiet and just nod and smile a lot.  Today we talked about baseball. I told him I’m going to a T-bones game tonight and we talked about how semi-pro teams sometimes play harder than the pros (which is certainly true for the Royals). He told me he played baseball as a kid, so I asked him what positions he played. He started out in the outfield, but he was also a pitcher. And that was all it took – he was off and running.

Grandpa: There shouldn’t be any bunting. Bunting is … if you’re gonna hit the ball, you should just hit it. Bunting is just … pussy.

Yes, yes it is pussy.

Apparently his brother was a bit of a man-whore during the war.  Thanks for letting me know, Grandpa. I always thought he looked like a player. Now I know for certain.

He also told me that his other brother grew to be 6 feet tall because he exercised and stretched and willed himself to grow. I’m pretty sure that had nothing to do with it, but it’s a whole lot of fun to watch him talk about it. Several years the whole Irish clan got together – and the bullshit was flowing freely. The brothers all told the same story … but they all had that same twinkle in their eyes, too. That was the time that MoC and I got into a mock fight about who is taller (I am) and my mom’s uncle grabbed a level and put it on our heads. There’s a picture of that somewhere. And it clearly shows my superior height.

I’m off to drink cheap beer, eat a cheap hot dog and watch some baseball. First guy who bunts is a pussy.