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Mush. I am mush.

I have one week left in my math class. One. Week.  All I want is a D. And when I get a C, I’m going to celebrate.

MoC has been out of town, so I don’t have any silly stories for you, except maybe one. MoC got a cell phone about 5 years ago. Everyone has one now. Land lines are going out of style. MoC wanted the phone for emergencies, but she thinks it’s nice to be able to use it occasionally for other things – like calling me from a restaurant when she’s waiting for her friends to show up. MoC always has her phone on the charger because she says the battery runs down frequently. I didn’t really think much of that – my old phone had a crappy battery.

She called me the other day. She said she was at JR’s house but had left her charger at MMB’s house and she was worried the battery would die. So I told her to just turn off the phone when she went to bed and that would save the battery a little.

Long pause.

MoC: You can do that?

Me: Do what? Turn the phone off?

MoC: Yeah.

Me: Um, yeah. You can do that.

Ah, technology. Ain’t it grand?

Facebook Official

According to Facebook, it appears that I might actually have a girlfriend. “Bridget” doesn’t have FB, so she doesn’t know I changed my status from “single” to “in a relationship.”  Please don’t tell her. I’m trying to sneak up on her so that she doesn’t notice until it’s too late and by the time she notices, she’ll already be used to me hanging around. I think it’s a good plan.

Also? Any woman who sends me pictures like this

is too fiercely bad ass to let loose on the world without warning … or a side-kick.