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I’ve been busy doing …

and seeing a lot of  …

and playing with …

I also had an interview this morning that I think went well … but then, I think they all go well, right up to the point where they hire someone else.  On the other hand, I applied for the job at 7:15 yesterday morning and had an email at 7:45 asking me to come in for an interview. It looks like it might be promising. I’m not going to get my hopes up, just in case.

One foot in front of the other … one date after another … one fluffy kitten after another.

In completely unrelated news that I can’t  talk about because it’s not mine to share … the Universe can just suck it! And take it back, you bastard. Or I will erase you.

I like that threat, don’t you? “I will erase you.”  I probably stole it from somewhere. It’s kind of an empty threat, though, considering I can’t actually erase the Universe … and calling it a bastard probably doesn’t make it want to play nice, either. Oh well. I’m gonna need a bigger eraser.