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Before we get to the words for this week’s Unconscious Mutterings, I have to ask …

You know how when you first start dating someone and you think they’re awesome and you want them to think you’re awesome, so you hide your dirty laundry in the closet and put all your intellectual books at the front of your bookcase? And then you clean like a maniac and go around hiding anything that could be potentially embarrassing like hemorrhoid ointment or acne cream … not that I have either of those items in my cabinet – it’s just an example! … you know what I mean? So I did the cleaning and the rearranging and my friend “Bridget” came over .. I’ve decided to call her “Bridget” because it kind of suits her and it works with the Irish theme I have going with Fiona. We had dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, she helped me put the food away and then we watched a movie and listened to the rain and it was the kind of date where we did nothing special but it was still pretty fantastic.

Later, I opened the refrigerator … and found a picture taped to the shelf.ย  A picture that is supposed to remindย  me to watch what I eat and to inspire me to stick with the diet.ย  “Bridget” put away a bowl for me … directly underneath that picture.

Of me.

In my underwear. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

While I’m busy dying of embarrassment, you can play along with my favorite word game.ย  LunaNina gives us the word prompts … you just have to sit back and let your freak flag fly. My answers are after the fold.

  1. Labor ::
  2. Sweater ::
  3. Five minutes ::
  4. Treatment ::
  5. Eyebrows ::
  6. Awake ::
  7. Salmon ::
  8. Red ::
  9. Hospital ::
  10. Midwife ::

  1. Labor :: union
  2. Sweater :: vest
  3. Five minutes :: to paradise
  4. Treatment :: options
  5. Eyebrows :: I have a hole in my eyebrow. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. Awake :: again
  7. Salmon :: upstream
  8. Red :: rum
  9. Hospital :: gown
  10. Midwife :: crisis. Heh.