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I was gonna name her Lois, to annoy my mother … but my mother refuses to be annoyed by me anymore, which is no fun at all sometimes. I was gonna name her CC because I finally got my CCNA … but MoC told me that was a terrible name … also, I know someone named CC and so that would be weird. Then I decided to find an Irish/Celtic name because she was born on March 17, but I also wanted to make sure it fit her personality.

Fiona. It means “the fair one.”  It’s dainty, but tough, and so is the kitten. Indy has been relentless … and Fiona is giving it right back. Ready to meet her?

I’m so in love with this kitten! And TRC is coming around slowly but surely. Fiona is too cute to resist.

Oh, and the arm in the pictures? The one holding the cord? That arm is attached to this woman …

… and she’s pretty cool, too.