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Cyndi Lauper rocks. Still.

I’ve been keeping secrets from you, Internet. Remember when I talked about the crazy shrink or about the date with the woman last year that didn’t work out? This is not one of those stories.

This is a story about taking a chance and not falling on your ass.

I joined a dating site that is strictly for gays and lesbians. I decided not to subscribe because it was expensive and I wasn’t getting a lot of matches. Part of that is because there really aren’t a lot of people on the site yet – and part of it is that I set the distance requirements so that I would only get matches from people in town. I’m not doing long distance again. Ever.

But then I saw an interesting profile – and she had a cute picture.  Here’s where they trick you. You can’t communicate with any of the matches until you pay the subscription fee.  So I did. The site is very structured, which is good. You have to go through certain steps (asking and answering a list of questions, sending a list of things you want and things you can’t deal with) before you can get to the email stage – email on their site, actually. When we got to the email part, I was pleasantly surprised. The conversations flowed very easily and it was like talking (emailing) to a friend I had known for a while.  Which isn’t always the case. I had another match that got to the email stage – and came to a screeching halt.

After a few days, we moved to outside email, which is easier. Then on an impulse, I asked her if she wanted to meet for a drink. We met at the leather boy bar and talked for a few minutes before I looked at the bowl on table and said, “Oh, what’s this?” and pulled out a pack of condoms. Yay! Nothing awkward about that within the first three minutes of meeting someone.

The crazy thing is how in tune we seem to be. It really is like I’ve known her a long time – I have the site to thank for that, I think. Their personality profile is pretty in-depth. It’s very comfortable and natural and easy. That first date was Friday. The second was Saturday. And then, on impulse, we met for a drink (blackberry tea) on Sunday night for an hour.  And tonight we’re going to hang out and take pictures.  I think I should come up with a blog name for her … it seems she might stick around for a while.

Also? Watch the video. If you don’t, the title of this post will make no sense.