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I’ve been sitting at my desT© for 4 hours and I’m only halfway through my homework.  I would have had it done earlier, but I had a crazy weekend that involved two dates, 3 raspberry vodkas, half a Long Island tea, an interesting documentary called Three of Hearts and lots of long conversations about nothing – and everything.  Oh, and a pack of condoms. With lube. (You’re welcome)

Maybe I should explain …  (oh, and the banana isn’t significant. It was just on the table).   I found a little bar online that was described as a lesbian bar. So I drove over there and it looked like a real dive – so I called Mickey B and asked her if she’d been there. She said it was more guys than girls but  it was a fun place.  It’s sooo much fun that they have buckets of condoms on each table.

But enough about my condoms.  Let’s play a word game. LunaNina comes up with the words … you shout out the first thing that jumps into your head. Shout it loud … I want to hear it.  My answers are after the jump.  Go!

  1. Creepy ::
  2. Links ::
  3. Sane ::
  4. Bun ::
  5. Visual ::
  6. Remote ::
  7. Freaking ::
  8. Curly ::
  9. Saga ::
  10. Different ::

  1. Creepy :: old man
  2. Links :: click ’em
  3. Sane :: by some measures …
  4. Bun :: cheezburger
  5. Visual :: aid
  6. Remote :: log in
  7. Freaking :: computer!
  8. Curly :: Washburn
  9. Saga :: a band I’d prefer to forget
  10. Different :: strokes