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I took my car in to get brakes. Yay! I love spending money on this piece of crap!


When I hadn’t heard from the garage, I called them.  He said the car was finished and I asked him how much it was. “Oh, not very much.”


MoC picked me up and we went to lunch. My contacts have been bothering me lately and they were driving me crazy at lunch. I must have put drops in 40 times. So I took it out and saw that it was just coated with a grimy looking film – so I dropped it onto my plate and let the waitress get rid of it.

MoC wanted some flowers and a tomato plant so I drove (with one eye closed) to a nursery. That’s when my allergies kicked in. Plus I couldn’t really see. So that was fun. I drove the plants back to MoC’s place and dragged them upstairs. She has a small army of giant bumblebees that fly around her door in the spring and summer … so I nimbly dodged them and ran back to the car.

We were stopped at a light when a car on the cross street did a U-turn.

MoC: That’s $90 right there! $90! Did you see that?

Me: What?

MoC: I do a U turn and it costs me $90. How come he gets away with it? Where are the cops when you need them?

Me:  If you do a U turn and there’s no cop to see you, is it still illegal?  If a bear shits in the woods and no one is there, does it still smell?

MoC: It’s not the same thing and of course it smells. It’s bear shit.

Me: How do you know what bear shit smells like?

MoC: Well, I know what dog shit smells like and it stinks. A bear is a lot bigger than a dog*, so his shit definitely stinks.

Me: Please, God, help me.

Yeah. It was that kind of day.

*Well, maybe not this one.

Rafeiro do Alentejo