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When the company announced the layoffs in 2008, they had several mini job fairs. One of the companies that showed up was a temp agency that I had used before.  This was back when I thought an Associates degree would actually mean something (I was young and naive). When I got my first certification, I called the company and talked to a guy named Mike in their technology division. He told me to go to Comcast or Time Warner Cable because “that’s where everyone starts.”  Fine.  He also told me to add him on my LinkedIn account – so I thought it would be a good contact.

The school told me that the courses I took and the time I spent in school and the hands-on lab was worth about 6 months to a year of experience. That seems about right to me, but maybe employers don’t feel the same way?

About a month ago I applied for a Tier 1 help desk job – basically, it’s entry level. It happened to be through that same temp agency and I got an email from him. He thanked me for applying. Then he wrote “I would suggest you contact our office temp divisions.”

I wrote back, “I would suggest you go fuck yourself.”  But I didn’t send it.

A few days ago I saw an ad for “Entry level help desk – new grads welcome”   – with the same damn company.  So I applied.  He called me this morning. It’s a 2 to 3 month temp job for $11 an hour, about 30 miles away. I told him that even though I could use some experience to put on my resume, it wasn’t a long enough contract.   I’d have done it had it been six months. It’s not worth it to lose unemployment for a three month job (but possibly only two months) and then not have enough experience to find another job.  I explained that to him. He said, “Well, it’s two months experience in 2010.”

So I said, “Well, you are the one who suggested I go to Office workers, so …”

So your advice is bullshit suspect, is what I didn’t say.

He didn’t take the bait, though. He just said employers could afford to be really picky. Which is true. But I’m not giving up just because some self-righteous, smug recruiter says I can’t get an IT job. He’s now told me to go everywhere but straight to hell.

I’ve probably burned that bridge – he remembered our conversation from last year, so I know he’ll remember this one. Maybe I’ll follow up with an email:

Dear Mike:

I would suggest you stop being a prick!

Best wishes!