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… didn’t try hard enough.

I’ve been waiting to hear about my interview for the dream job. Last week, the interviewer called my former boss, whom I used as a reference. Which is great news. I mean, nobody calls an applicant’s references if they don’t plan on hiring the person. Oh, wait. Apparently, no one but my dream job does that.

This morning I got the official brush-off. “We are unable to offer you a position but we don’t want to grind your self-esteem to dust, so you should definitely watch our website and apply for any position – except this one. You’re not getting this job.” Or something like that.

I’m sort of crushed. So I decided to call the guy and see if I could find out what happened – because I thought the interview went well. The email specifically stated “No phone calls please” but the guy shouldn’t have given me his card if he didn’t want me to follow up. Really, what’s the worst that can happen – they refuse to hire me again?

He answered the phone (surprise!) and was very nice, but he didn’t tell me anything. He said it was company policy not to give that type of feedback – which makes sense. I get it, I get it. People sue for stupid things. But I don’t know if I’m blowing the interviews somehow or if there are just that many people out there who are more qualified. It was a customer service job, so how qualified does one have to be?  I’m just not sure what to make of any of this. I mean, I did their stupid tornado drill with a smile on my face and walked up three flights of steps without complaining (because I didn’t have the breath to complain, but that is totally beside the point!).

So I told him, “Thanks, Glenn, I really appreciate your insight. But I just want you to know that I’ve told all three people who knew I interviewed with your company not to buy your products. I hate to do it, but you’ve forced my hand. I’ll be more than happy to lift the boycott if you suddenly find an open position that would perfectly fit my experience and education.  Have a blessed day!”

It might take a week or so, but I think the economic pressure of the boycott will have them begging for mercy soon.