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Some new words have been introduced into the world recently. A few years ago, Bush thought he was ‘misunderestimated.’ A few years before that, ‘conversate’ worked its way into the national vocabulary. Now, thanks to Bret Michaels, we have ‘discombooberated.’  And thanks to the mom who adopted a Russian child and then sent him back to Russia, we now have ‘disannul.’  I was all set to mock the hell out it, but as I was looking for the article to link to it, I actually found the word in an online dictionary. Upon further investigation, I found it again under ‘dis-‘ , which apparently can be used as an intensive (see 6.)  So. Not only did the mom want the adoption nullified, she wanted it EMPHATICALLY nullified.  Here’s a link to the whole story , which is very sad, but most especially the abuse of the language.  Even though that word is in the bible. Seriously. It’s right here.

Yesterday was my grandfather’s 95th birthday.  I didn’t have my camera with me. But here’s a cute picture of him from February, when we found out that I am descended from royalty.

Speaking of pictures, here’s a picture of something that I believe is grounds for felonious destruction of property.

I understand that you think you have a nice truck and you don’t want anyone to ding your doors and so you think taking up two parking spaces is not only reasonable, but totally justified. But this was in the front row of the restaurant. If you’re going to be a dick, be a dick at the back of the parking lot.  Unfortunately I saw this as I was leaving. Had the truck been there when I arrived, I would have pulled into that space, between the truck and the car at the far edge of the picture.  I would have pulled within an inch of the truck so he couldn’t get out.  And yes, I am positive it was a “he.”  Only a man with a small penis would do that.