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This morning I went to the store to pick up a few things. I was walking down an aisle, minding my own business when I heard “Well, I told her he was just a horn dog! She needs to stay away from him … ”

The woman was walking toward me, totally oblivious to everything but her conversation. I almost said, “Horn dog? Really? Can I get his number?”

Then I called MoC and conned her into going to WalMart with me – because she has the rock star parking pass.

While we were there, a guy answered his phone, stopped in the middle of the aisle and said, “Well, hello. I’m just FINE … ”

That time I did turn around and say “Oh my God! I’m so glad to hear that! I was worried!” But he didn’t notice and it looked like I was talking to MoC anyway.

And then, in the pharmacy section I passed a woman and her friend. The woman was saying, very loudly, “OVARIES! OVARIES! They collect stuff, you know what I’m sayin’?”

No. No, I don’t know you’re sayin’, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

That was my day.

How was yours?

P.S.  I bought Sketchers Shape-ups today. I wore them too long and my feet and legs are sore, but the good kind of sore.