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As a gloomy Capricorn goat, I usually work stuff out in my head before I try to put it into words – or action. When I need to think about things without consciously thinking about them, I play puzzle games. Mahjong, sudoko, and solitaire are good. I used to play backgammon, but I’ve found that when you play online, people just leave the game when they think they’re losing. Only they don’t close the game – they just leave you sitting there waiting. Because they’re sore loosers*. Then if you close the game, you automatically resign. Nobody likes to lose, but I hate to lose that way because I’m very good at backgammon.

I discovered a chess game on my speedy new computer so I’ve been trying to teach myself how to play. It takes patience and strategy and the ability to see the whole board, not just your side of it. Here are my stats. Are you sitting down? Out of 28 games, I’ve won … 2. My current losing streak is 16. I’ve fought to a draw three times, which only means I couldn’t figure out how to win or lose.

I was online checking something for school and I discovered that they seem to think I need 123 credits to graduate. On the page with my particular program schedule, it shows I need 120. I’m just 30 credit hours (10 classes, including the one I’m in now) away from graduating. No way am I taking an extra class if I don’t have to, so I emailed my academic counselor. I chose the “gee whiz, I’m a little confused, can you help me figure this out?” approach. It seems to work lots better than yelling and throwing things. Only took me forty-three years my whole life to figure that out.

I was watching Celebrity Apprentice (Sharon Osbourne FTW!) and learned a new word. Discombooberated. That comes courtesy of Brett Michaels and I think it ranks up there with W’s ‘misunderestimated’. Sometimes I miss Cartman and her word manglings. But mostly not.

My neighbor’s cat had kittens. Yay! I’ve pretty much decided I want a kitten – either from my neighbor or from a shelter. I think TRC (the replacement cat) needs a friend and I already have a nickname picked out … TOC. The Other Cat. Yes, I crack myself up. Anyway, the neighbor said she thought the big black tom that I’ve been feeding (the Evil Twin) is the baby daddy. The mama is gray but my neighbor said two of the kittens are orange and the other two are dark gray. Hmm. I don’t know how cat genetics work, but it seems to me that a solid black cat and a gray cat won’t have orange kittens. Then last night as I was ruining my mind with television, I saw a huge orange cat walking along the sidewalk. I went outside and leaned over the railing … and there he was, eating the food I leave out for the Evil Twin. I think I found the real baby daddy and I hope the Evil Twin demands a DNA test.

*It’s just a little joke that amuses me. They’re such loosers. Never mind.