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Yesterday MoC and I were talking hoops and how certain teams always break our hearts (although I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly the language we used).  Teams like Villanova, Georgetown, Vanderbilt and sometimes Gonzaga.  They all have really cool names, they should all win at least the first round game, right?  Last night I got an email from MoC:  “I have 10 wins and 6 losses. How are you doing?”   I really shouldn’t have answered her. Or I should have lied. But the truth was that I also had 10 wins and 6 losses.

Today she called and left a message: “I won three more games. How many did you win?”

When I called her back, we had this conversation:

Me:  I need to add Temple to my poison list. I got screwed.

MoC: Oh, I took Cornell in that game.

Me (muttering): Of course you did.

MoC: I’m planning on winning more tonight, too.

Me: Well, you’re going to lose with Clemson. I took Missouri to win. Because when this is over, I’m going to be the Queen of Basketball.

MoC: Wanna bet?

Me: Um, I think we did.

MoC: Once the Queen, always the Queen.

Me: The Queen will be de-queened after the final game.

McC:  You can’t de-queen the Queen.

Me:  Or dethroned. You’ll be dethroned.

MoC: A queen can be beheaded …

Me:  I don’t think it’s going to get that far.

(long pause)

Me:  This year.