Does this 2.9 GHz processor make my butt look big?

I got my new computer and I’m happily setting it up the way I want it. I did manage to lose all my bookmarks, too, so I’m trying to remember all the important ones. I found a bunch of new blogs recently and I’m not sure I can find them again because I don’t remember them all. When I plugged everything in and turned on the tower … I got an option to make a recovery disk. Yes! I read a little further and realized that I can only use a writeable DVD and that a CD won’t work. Of course it won’t work because that’s what I have. So I chose the option for a USB drive. And I was promptly prompted to insert my 8G USB into the port. Um … I only have 2Gs. ARGH. Looks like I’m going shopping soon.

The latest on my computer is … I don’t know what the problem is. I thought it was the motherboard because that’s what the geek guy told me it was. Now, after discussion with a real geek, I think it might be a CPU issue. I can’t find out because I can’t buy a new CPU right now. But the tower is sitting patiently in the corner, with new RAM and a new HD.  I’m going to use it to practice with – as soon as I get it running.

In job news … I still don’t have one.  I have now officially been turned down by all three companies I interviewed with. I know something is out there for me, but I sure wish I’d find it quick.

In MoC news …  we bet a lot. About really silly/stupid things. We bet on the presidential election. We bet on trivia. We bet on the weather. Our usual bet is $1 because we’re high rollers. And we can’t remember who won the last bet – or even what that last bet was. We also like basketball. When March Madness rolls around, we usually bet ($1) on the final game and maybe on one or two games in between. Usually we’re in a pool, too, so we razz each other for two weeks during the tournament. This year we decided to go straight up, head to head. And we went big.  We picked our teams and bet $5. Whoever wins the most games is the Reigning Queen of College Basketball. I just made up that part. Unless I win. Then I’m gonna make MoC give me a crown and everything.