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I guess I need to amend my dad’s Rule of 45. I’ll call mine Rule of 45 + $500.

To make a very long story short – it was the motherboard. I ordered a cheap Dell that should be here by Thursday.  I got a 64-bit because apparently they don’t even sell 32-bit anymore. I’m hoping it won’t cause me all kinds of software compatibility issues, but let’s face it – it probably will.  In the meantime, since I now have extra RAM and two hard drives … I’m going to get a cheapie case and motherboard and use it to play with. Obviously I need the practice.

I lost my resumes and cover letters, plus the spreadsheet with all the jobs I’ve applied for. I lost most of my homework. I lost all the pictures that were on the hard drive, but I should have most of them on the memory cards in the cameras.   Hey, it could be worse.  At least I had some things backed up. I’ll be investigating an online backup service in the near future.

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