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I’m typing this from my laptop because I’ve managed to break my desktop. Yay. It’s been running v e r y s l o w l y so I decided it was time to upgrade the RAM. That’s easy enough to do, right? You just get online, figure out what kind of RAM you need, then open your computer to make sure you have an open slot. Then you buy the RAM and stick it in the slot. It’s easy.

My dad used the Rule of 45 for any project. The rule is, if you think the project will take an hour, multiply by 45 to get the actual time frame. According to the rule, my project should have taken 15 minutes. Allowing for downtime such as sleep and travel time, I’m right on schedule at 12 hours. I installed the RAM and went on my merry way. A day later, I got a stop error – the Blue Screen of Death. I rebooted and then CHKDSK went into action for about an hour. After that, Windows rebooted itself and hung up on the Welcome screen.

I called one of those drive-by geek companies and the guy told me I’d probably corrupted Windows when I installed the RAM. I call BS on that (how can adding RAM corrupt Windows?), but I don’t doubt that Windows is corrupted. I said I would just do it myself and then the guy told me that unless I “did it right” I’d lose everything. Um … you lose everything anyway. I don’t think there is a way to reinstall Windows without losing data that isn’t backed up elsewhere. So I made the appointment and then I decided I would just go ahead and do it myself. That’s when I discovered that I don’t have a Windows disk. I fail at geekery.

Before my computer died, I got an email from the company I interviewed with earlier in the week. They’ve chosen another candidate. Of course. I’m beginning to wonder what I’m doing wrong. So far I’m 2 rejections for 3 interviews and I haven’t heard from the place I interviewed with two weeks ago. I’m guessing after two weeks, it’s a no.

My friend Griggs turned me on to the benefits of vitamin D-3, which is supposed to do everything from curing depression to improving your immune system. I’ve been taking it for four days. I’m still depressed and now I have bronchitis. Thanks, Griggs.