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Yesterday as I was updating my spreadsheet with all the jobs I’ve applied for in recent weeks, my phone rang. Since it was “Peter Gunn”, I knew it was someone I didn’t know. (People in my contact list have “The Pink Panther” as the ring tone).

As a result of that call, I have an interview this afternoon.

It sounds like the job could involve a variety of things – some help desk, some website work, some database work. The guy asked me if I was interested in programming because there might be an opportunity down the road to learn SQL . Um … yes, of course, I’m interested. *cough* I’m interested in anything that will get me started in IT.

Oddly enough, I’m not nervous. Maybe I will be this afternoon, but for now, I’m pretty calm about it.  It is in an industry that is vaguely similar to what I was doing, so I may be able to work on it from that angle.  He’ll either like me or he won’t. He’ll either think I can do the job or he won’t. It’s kind of out of my hands, but at least now my resume is getting some action.

*For my young and/or foreign friends, the two songs mentioned were composed by Henry Mancini. I really wanted “Baby Elephant Walk” as my ringtone but it wasn’t available to download. Check him out here. The site has some sample songs. Listen. Be enlightened.