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I should have been a lawyer. Or maybe just not a Capricorn. Capricorns like structure. We like plans. It’s not that I’m inflexible, it’s just that I don’t bend easily. It bugs me when people show no respect for other people. Parking in handicapped spaces. Parking in fire lanes to make a quick run into the grocery store. Parking in my driveway.

The apartments next to my house have always been a problem because there is a very high turnover – because the place is a dump and people won’t stay long. Every year, there is a time period when someone new moves in and their friends decide to park in my driveway. Frank (who lived in the house below me) always took care of it before – and I guess now it’s my turn.

For almost a week, there have been people in and out of my driveway – which runs the width of the house and can fit 5 or 6 cars. I guess because it’s big and empty, people feel entitled. Yesterday I put up a sign that says TENANT PARKING ONLY with an empty threat that unauthorized vehicles will be towed. Not an hour later, someone parked there – and the truck is still there. Last night I had to take a happy pill to calm down. It just enrages me. There are things I could do – call the police, for instance – but I’m more interested in why it bothers me so much.  In the grand scheme of things, it ranks pretty low on things to get upset over.

I love this apartment, but I’m tired of the crap that goes with it. As soon as I find a job, I’m out of here. I didn’t get the job I wanted – apparently, I flunked the personality test. Maybe the questions were designed to weed out parking patrol Nazis. Whoops. Anyway, I’m really bummed about it. I’ve sent out probably 50 resumes and have only gotten 2 interviews. The pressure (and uncertainty) is beginning to get to me.

Last week, I had an eye exam. Remember how I went to another doctor and he said my prescription had changed drastically but I went back to my old prescription because I couldn’t wear the new glasses because they gave me a headache? I didn’t go back to him. Now I’m using a prescription that is 4 years old and it just isn’t working anymore. So I had the exam and guess what? In four years, my prescription has changed – but only by half as much as the first doctor claimed. I can see! Unless I’m reading or doing something up close, then I have to take my glasses off. Which means if I want to wear contacts, I can’t read or do anything that involves seeing something closer than arm’s length. You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

I’ve documented my shame for your amusement.

*Update:  The sign I posted is MAGIC. Two cops and a tow truck arrived and the renegade truck in my driveway is gone. I still don’t know what happened exactly, but my neighbor said the cops were here earlier and left, but came back an hour later with the tow truck.  Yay. Behold the power of the SIGN.

No Parking Sign

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