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One year.

One year since I’ve had a sense of security. One year since I decided to put my career on a different path. One year since I let go of everything I thought I knew and just trusted that it would work out. A large part of that trust was that God wouldn’t let me down; but a bigger part was trusting myself, trusting my own ability.

Two weeks ago, I had an interview for a software support job with a national company. I thought the interview went well –  I had to talk to three different managers – and my pants didn’t fall off and I didn’t throw up on anyone. The next day I received an email from HR telling me the next step was a personality test.  Oh noes!

I hate things like that! I never know how to answer, because mostly my answer depends on the day of the week, my mood, who’s with me, if the sun is shining … Even though I think I’m a very logical person, it’s hard for me to be so black-and-white.

Here are a few of the questions – my choices were Agree, Disagree or Neutral (but I was limited in how many times I could use that answer in each section).

“People should be permitted to act as they please without worrying about the opinion of others.” Um … well. It depends. Do the “others” include law enforcement officers? I should probably be concerned about their opinion. Are my actions hurting other people?

“In most cases it is important to get what you want, even if you have to fight to get it.”  Do I want a job? Then, yes, I should fight for it. Do I want an ice cream cone? That’s probably not worth a fight.

“You often feel grouchy.” I went ahead and lied on that one.

“You are a carefree individual.” Another trap. If I say yes, I sound like a flake. If I say no, I sound like a clinically depressed bore.

“You feel comfortable holding a loaded gun.” What? Am I pointing it as someone? Am I hunting? Am I defending myself?

The HR person told me she would let me know either way, but I haven’t heard yet. I’m afraid they’re evaluating my test and concluding that I’m too grouchy and too comfortable with weapons.

Monday I have another interview. This job is more in line with what I eventually want to do (network support/administration). He seemed to know that I have no experience and wanted to talk to me anyway, so that’s good.

In abandoned Evil Twin cat news, it has been so cold here that I finally broke down and bought a small doghouse to put on my deck.  (I hope the cat isn’t offended that it’s a doghouse.)  It’s about the size of a large carrier, but it’s waterproof and has a thick plastic door flap to help keep out the wind.

The neighbor kid came upstairs and told me I had packages on the front porch, so I went to get it. On the sidewalk that runs alongside the house, I found a patch of ice – and I fell on it. I slammed my knee and whimpered, but I got up and limped around to the front of the house where I found the biggest box I have ever seen. It was almost as tall as I am (which is not tall for a person, but for a box, it’s huge) and wide enough that I couldn’t get my arms around it.  So I had to drag it from the front of the house to the back, where my entrance is. The door flap came in a separate box (of course), so I was carrying that and dragging the human-sized box. That’s when I found that same patch of ice. And I fell again. On the same knee. Only this time, my arm was trapped by the box, so I look like my arm was caught in a vice. The bruise is  similar to this one, only it wraps around my entire arm.

I went to a farming/garden supply store to get some straw to put in the doghouse and they gave it to me for free. Yay! One thing finally went right. So now the cat has a warm place to sleep and I feel better.

If I don’t find a job soon, I’ll be homeless.

Damn. I should have kept the box.