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My pants don’t fit. Because I’m fat. On top of the fat, I have an extra layer of bloat. Because I have PMS. Besides bloaty, PMS also makes me snarly. Which makes it hard for me to be engaging and friendly. Being engaging and friendly is very helpful when you’re interviewing for a job.

I can’t make the pants work, but I do have another pair that fit better that I haven’t worn before. I didn’t realize until tonight that they are too long, because I bought them last spring and I forgot that they needed a hem. Oh, did I forget to mention that I can’t sew? I turned the leg up once, so it sort of looks like a cuff, and put two tiny little stitches on each seam. It better hold.

I printed off resumes, created and printed a reference list, and made a few notes of things that I did at my old job that might translate to a help desk position.

Now let’s hope I don’t vomit on the manager I’ll be speaking with.