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Oh hai.

I’m watching the History channel and learning how the earth was made. Well, God spoke it into existence, right? Apparently, no, not right. There was something about gases and pressure and then I stopped listening. If the galaxy was made by a giant, god-like fart, I really don’t want to know. Also there was some discussion about the sky not really being blue, but only appearing blue because the short light waves scatter more than longer light waves or something. Sure, sure. I’m not really short, either. I just appear that way because the short light waves hit me first. That explains a lot.

While I was on my way to Facebook, trying to avoid writing this blog post because I’m depressed and I don’t want to whine about job-hunting, I found this article about the least trusted banks in America. The bank that dismissed me out of hand and wouldn’t even interview me was not on the list (although I plan on contacting the author of the article and letting her know she left one out) – but my own bank is on it. Figures.

I used my stripper name to create a new Facebook account so that I can keep my Mob Wars addiction separate from my Farmville addiction.  Your stripper name, if you’re curious, is your middle name and the street you grew up on. MoC moved a few times when she was a kid, so she was trying to figure out her name.

MoC: Jean Benton

Me: Oh, I like that.

MoC: Or Jean Thirty-second Street

Me: Mmmm. No.

MoC: Actually, I probably spent the most time in the house on Wayne. Jean Wayne.

Me: I like Jean Benton better. It sounds sophisticated.

MoC: I think Jean Wayne is good. I’m Batman’s sister.

Me: What?

MoC: Well, his little sister, of course.

Me:  [ … ]

MoC: Bruce Wayne. Batman.

Me: Batman didn’t have a sister.

MoC: Yes he did. Her name was Jean.

Me: Nooo.

MoC: Look it up.

She had me going for just a second. Kind of like the time she told me about the documentary she saw about a spaghetti tree. Now if it had been a money tree, I’d have believed her.

Update: MoC still hasn’t said the F word. The other day she said “Fu … uh … um …”

Even Facebook is trying to make her slip. This made me do a double-take.