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Yesterday I went to the school to look at the job board (because it’s a technical school and the job board isn’t online, which makes complete sense). While I was there, I talked to a couple of the instructors and jokingly said I was going to apply for the job they had available – as a technical instructor. One of the guys took it seriously and was very encouraging. He ticked off a list of things I had going for me: I knew how the independent study program worked, I’d been successful in independent study, I have three certifications now, and two of the certifications (A+ and Net+) are in areas where they have a need for strong people.


It wasn’t so very long ago that I was convinced that not only was I the smartest person in the room, but the smartest person in the whole neighborhood. There was nothing I couldn’t do, if I set my mind to it. And I wasn’t shy about telling you about it, either. At some point over the last decade few years, I’ve gone from cocky and arrogant to timid, with a total lack of confidence. So to have two guys who have  a gazillion years of experience tell me that I can do their job was a huge confidence boost.

So I applied for it.

And I got a personal note back from the manager (who I also know) that said I was “formally under consideration” for the position. Since they know me, I think that means I will at least get an interview. I know that candidates also have to do a “test teach” – which is exactly what it sounds like and kind of scares the crap out of me.  No matter how it turns out, I think this was what I needed to put a little bounce in my step.

I also applied at a local branch of a national bank – and got an email the next day that said I was not selected for the interview process.  I’ve decided to boycott every company that refuses to at least interview me. I told MoC she should close her account with them immediately. She laughed, like it was a joke.

Speaking of MoC, she has decided to stop dropping the F bomb. That decision prompted me to show my support by redoubling my efforts to get her to say it.

So far she’s winning.

But I have just begun to fight!