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Remember how it was my birthday and I wanted people to donate to the Humane Society and only Lass did because she’s the only one who loves me?  This doesn’t have anything to do with that. I just wanted to thank Lass (and make you guys feel guilty in the process).

This has to do with my mother, who gave me good values. You know. Like honesty. And not goofing on your kids who believe everything you say.

MoC told me I had a surprise coming. And she wouldn’t tell me what it was. To be fair, though, I didn’t try very hard to get it out of her. The other day I got my surprise. For my birthday (the same one that only Lass donated to the Humane Society) I had asked for a calendar.  It’s something I use and it also covers the phone jack on the wall in my kitchen.

This is what she gave me:

I didn’t even notice the big, bold CALENDARS.COM sign – just the Dogbreed.com logo. That’s when MoC started talking.

Me: Oh, a dog calendar!

MoC: Well, I thought this way Indy wouldn’t get jealous because she’s the only cat and she can still be queen and …

Me: You couldn’t find a cat calendar, could you?

MoC: No. Sorry. But puppies are cute, too.

Me (still opening the package): Puppies are adorable! I love puppies.

That’s when I worked the calendar free of the box and …


I’ve known her my ENTIRE LIFE … you’d think I’d be able to catch her fibbing. But no. I fell for it completely.  Again.

She also gave me this print and framed it for me, which totally made up for fooling me about the calendar.

I think that sums up my philosophy quite nicely.