For better or worse, through tense changes and split infinitives – Rachel’s Risk is now posted in its entirety. The last chapter went up today and you can find it here.

It seems weird to me. I wrote it so long ago that I barely remember parts of it – but some scenes are old friends. People have asked if Rachel is me – or, I guess more accurately, if I am Rachel. No. She’s taller, for one thing. But I think a piece of ourselves goes into everything we write – from an email to a memo to a grocery list to a short story to a novel.

Each time I read, I see something I didn’t see before. Not that the story is that deep, but we notice things on a second or third look that we missed the first time. The thing I noticed about Rachel on this last reading is her profound isolation from the world. She is reactive, not proactive. She reminds me of me on those levels. Like so many people who have touched me in some way, she had something to say – if only just to me.

So here it is.