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Today I’m going to finish building a database for my class. Wish me luck. I’m piecing together SQL code from a textbook and printed cheat sheets, so who knows how it will turn out. When I first signed up to take the A+ class, I took an assessment test that was supposed to show what I would be good at – and also what they could rope me into to get the most money out of me.  Was it Network? No. Security? No. Web Design? Nope. If you guessed Application Development, virtual confetti is falling on your head right now. I said, “That’s programming, right?” Yes, yes it is.  I laughed. I’m sooo not good at it.  The guy said, “You like puzzles, right?”  When I said yes, he said “Then you’d be great at Application Development!”  No.  I wouldn’t.  Because I like to put the pieces together (as in a network) – I have no desire (or talent) to build the pieces themselves.

I said all of that to say … this SQL class is hard. Why is it hard? Because SQL is a language – and a language is used to … say it with me … write a program! Or in this case, to create a database. Computer code by any other name sucks just the same.

But Unconscious Mutterings doesn’t suck! I’m going to jump in this week – maybe it will inspire me to finish my homework. Or not.

LunaNina comes up with the words. You say what pops into your head. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Here are your prompts. My answers are after the fold.  Ready? GO!

  1. Food ::
  2. Death ::
  3. Cafeteria ::
  4. Need ::
  5. Born ::
  6. Stitch ::
  7. Badly ::
  8. Blocks ::
  9. Chuck ::
  10. Spiral ::

  1. Food :: lobster
  2. Death :: drives a KIA
  3. Cafeteria :: plan
  4. Need :: cash
  5. Born :: to be Wild
  6. Stitch :: in time
  7. Badly :: written
  8. Blocks :: city
  9. Chuck :: Norris
  10. Spiral :: staircase

Don’t ask about the lobster thing. I dreamed about lobsters night. I dreamed I was on a boat with a bunch of people and I looked down and a lobster was clinging to my pant leg – and another one bit my foot. Then I woke up. I don’t think I want to know what it means.