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Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Now you know why I’ve been scarce – I’ve been afraid for my life!

Once the dreaded Cisco exam was over conquered, I started the Phoenix classes again. I’m in a SQL class, which is even more mind-numbingly boring than it sounds. It’s not only boring, it’s difficult, which makes it even worse because I don’t want to read the material because it’s boring but I have to read it because it’s difficult which means I can’t wing it.

I’ve sent out a bunch of résumés with no response.  I had the placement office re-work my cover letter and I used it to apply for a job and got an immediate response – yay! Then I read it. They want someone with experience. ARGH!!! I’m going to have to tweak my résumé again – but really, there’s only so much I can do with it, short of outright lying. Which I would totally do at this point, if I thought I could get away with it.

I need to find a job soon because I really, really want this phone. It’s not a Blackberry or an iphone, but it’s the coolest pre-paid phone ever.

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The new chapter of Risk is up over here –  it all wraps up next week, so if you’ve been missing out, well … you’ve been missing out.