If you’re reading this, I’m either a miserable failure, a shining success … or it’s still Sunday or it’s Monday but I haven’t taken the exam yet. It’s scheduled for 9:00am central time, 10:00am eastern, 7:00am pacific, 3:00pm England and 4:00pm Germany.

I’ve done nothing but study and take practice exams for the last week. And by nothing, I mean NOTHING. Except sleep, but only a little. My eyes hurt. My back hurts. My hair hurts.

The next chapter of Risk is up. It’s the one I’ve been waiting to post because it brings everything together. I’m proud of the whole thing, but when I think about the book, this is the chapter I think of. If you couldn’t get past the first chapter … or the seventh … try it again. Every story has some sort of message – the entire point of Risk is in this chapter.

After the exam tomorrow, I plan on sleeping for a week. At least.