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Usually I delete my spam without looking at any of it. It will delete itself after 30 days, but sometimes I can’t wait that long. The clutter bothers me. If you ever saw my apartment, that statement would make you laugh. This morning, this caught my eye.

Wonderful post you have made here! The world wide web is stuffed of terrible penning and I was grabbed by your limpidity. Your endings are dead-on and I will instantly subscribe to your rss feed to remain up to date with your up forthcoming postings. Yes! I acknowledge it, your composing style is grand and i need to improve on mine definitely.

Yes! I admit it, my composing style is grand. Thank you, spammer, for acknowledging it.

I don’t plan on raising my head from my Cisco books for the next 7 days. Monday is doomsday. If you miss me too much you can always check out my book.

The new chapter of Risk is over here. We’re getting close to the end and the fictional, proverbial shit will hit the fan next week. It is one of the best things I’ve ever written (although it can still use some polishing) and I am super proud of it.