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We interrupt this intensive 14-day brain-cram study marathon to bring you: Puppies! Also, the Baby Jesus, a one-line zinger, a silly movie, and roulette, American style.

But first … puppies!

paper puppy puppy pile puppy circle

determined puppy fight MoCs Favorite

When Jo AnnE and Michael (I keep trying to type his real name but I am determined to keep his anonymity) sell a puppy, they offer to babysit for the dogs if the owners go on vacation. It’s great because the dog gets to come back and visit their “mom” and “dad” dogs and their litter mates. It seems like they are babysitting at least one dog all the time. This weekend, they had 5 dogs they were sitting, plus their 3 dogs, plus 4 puppies.

My favorite is called CC (for Cookies and Cream) but I couldn’t get a picture of her.

So here’s a shot of 4 of the step-dogs, plus one of theirs (Paddy, the one with the red ribbon). CC is at the top of the picture, looking away from the camera so you won’t be blinded by the cute. She’s considerate like that.


But wait! There’s more!

Not more puppy pictures – I didn’t get very many good ones. But where my family is concerned, there is always more to the story …

One of my great-aunts (don’t ask which one because I don’t know. Although I could tell you it was Nellie, Lucille or Gladys and you’d never know the difference) had a matching pair of vases, one red and one blue. Jo AnnE (with an E!) got the red one and her sister Dona got the blue one. When Dona moved to a new place in Florida (before she moved here), some of her friends helped her pack – and one of them picked up the blue vase. Dona freaked out and told her to be careful, for God’s sake! it was a family heirloom.  When they got to the new place, the friend unpacked it, got on one knee and held it up to Dona, saying something like “Here’s your precious Baby Jesus!” Jo AnnE has it now.

When MoC and I go to Hell St. Louis, Jo AnnE puts the Baby Jesus in MoC’s room – because MoC likes it because her favorite color is blue. This weekend when we arrived, Jo AnnE told us the Baby Jesus was in the bathroom so that we could both bask in its radiant beauty. And MoC looked at me and said, “You’re not going to be able to go to the bathroom until we get home.”

I fell for it and said, “What? Why not?”

“Because nobody poops in front of the Baby Jesus!”

the baby jesus the baby jesus2

We went to a casino Saturday night. I don’t go to the casinos here because I like to play poker – and it costs a minimum of $150 to sit at a table. I don’t play black jack because I’m not very good at it (it’s that whole counting-to-21 thing) and also because it’s hard to play with only $20. MoC likes to play roulette, so I watched her for a few minutes while I tried to get the hang of it and then I sat down.

I played black and the middle row (2 to 1 at the bottom) because it had more black numbers. Occasionally, I’ d play a street (3 numbers) or just one number (usually 11).  Maybe that’s not a great strategy but I figured it gave me the best chance of winning – and it did. I won $94. Yay me.

We went to a really cool little wine bar where I drank vodka because I’m contrary. Also because I don’t really like wine. I did get to try raspberry beer which was kind of interesting.

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot to mention that I got naked in front of a man on Saturday. Jo AnnE got one-hour massages as a gift for us and it was wonnnnnnnnnnnnderful. Neither MoC nor I had ever had a massage before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know I had to take my clothes off, so that was a bit disconcerting. The funny thing is, once the massage started, I completely forgot to be uncomfortable. It was incredibly relaxing and exactly what I needed to relieve some of the stress I’ve been under.

Friday night we watched The Hangover, which was pretty funny. Mostly I enjoyed the subtle wit of the script. My favorite line (said in a fake Chinese accent):

Toodle-oo motherfuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

Maybe you had to be there …