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Even though you’ve missed me terribly (right?), it was all for a good cause. The school offers a guarantee that I will pass the Cisco exam – or they’ll pay for me to take it again. They make sure they get a return on their investment by making me pass a preliminary exam with a score of at least 90%. That test is nothing compared to the real exam. I know this because it is nothing compared to the Cisco practice exams I’ve been taking. I passed the preliminary with 91% – but the highest score I’ve gotten on the Cisco practice exam is 68%.  So I still have a very long way to go – but I’m actually getting there and that feels great. My plan is to schedule the exam as soon as possible and just go for it. If I fail, then I will at least know what to expect when I re-take it and I will know what to work on. And if I pass, then I can relax for the first time in about 4 months.

Until then, though … it’s that time of the week again. Time for the Chefs to get murdered – again. Time also for Unconscious Mutterings. Yay. You know how to play by now. The words are posted by LunaNina and the answers are scraped from the bottom of your twisted souls 🙂 Ready? Go!

  1. Up ::
  2. Scram! ::
  3. Smell ::
  4. Belong ::
  5. Doug ::
  6. Collar ::
  7. Squirrel ::
  8. Chinese ::
  9. Tracker ::
  10. Apartment ::

  1. Up :: yours!
  2. Scram! :: kid
  3. Smell :: foul
  4. Belong :: clan
  5. Doug :: Brown
  6. Collar :: bone
  7. Squirrel :: bait
  8. Chinese :: checkers
  9. Tracker :: Geo
  10. Apartment :: neighbors