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Yes, I’ve been reduced to quoting Britney Spears. Life is hell.

I forgot (again) to post the new chapter of Risk on Monday, but it’s up now over here.

I got in the Cisco class this week (I was on stand-by) so I’ve been getting home much later. There is an alley behind my house that leads to the driveways of the houses on my street and the houses on the next street over (it’s an old neighborhood. Instead of driveways, there were probably hitching posts back there).  My entrance is in the back, but my mailbox is at the front of the house. Because I’m lazy, I usually park on the street, run to the mailbox, hop back in the car and drive around to the back.

That’s what I did today and when I turned on the street that leads to the alley, guess what I saw? Go on, guess. A black cat. It was eating something in the middle of the street (yech) and of course it ran when I turned the corner. At first I thought it was the Evil Twin because they are both solid black and I haven’t seen the Step Cat in months. But the Step Cat has a triangular head (and the magnificent tail, of course) and she’s a lot smaller than the Evil Twin. I pulled into the alley, still trying to see the cat and then I decided to park and go find out. But when I pulled into my driveway, guess what I saw on my steps? Go on, guess. The Evil Twin!

I know cats teleport at will, but that was impossible … wasn’t it? Maybe a picture will help. I drew it my ownself.

The Step Cat’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble …

I’m sorry but that’s all I’ve got right now. All I have time for is studying and food. The Replacement Cat is put out with me, too. I’ll be back soon with something more interesting, I promise. If you’re bored, you could always go read the book that I sweated blood to write. No pressure, though.

P.S. Go see The Blind Side. Excellent flick.