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Name that tune and you won’t win a prize, but you’ll get to feel superior – at least musically. A hint, it was not released within the last 20 years. Yes, I’m old. Get over it.

Guess what I forgot? The next chapter of Risk. No worries, it’s up over here now.  We’re more than halfway there and if you’re not reading, you should be.

This is what I’ve been reading.

Two 500+ page books to read, an 800 page flashcard/study guide and a skinny 300 page book of nothing but Cisco commands. Yeah, I’m a fun date.

Oh, look what a difference the flash (and a cat) makes.

Cool, what's this?

Cisco ain't for pussies

I’m on a standby list to take the ICND2 class (again)  next week – hopefully someone won’t show up and I’ll get a seat.  Or I could just get TRC to explain the intricacies of routing protocols to me.

But in the meantime I’m going to enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow and try not to gain 40 lbs. Which ain’t easy to do if you’ve ever had MoC’s dressing. Or poppyseed bread. Yum.

I’ve decided there’s really no point in working myself up over the CCNA stuff anymore. I’m either going to pass or fail. I’ll study hard and learn as much as I can and then go for it. If I fail, the school pays for me to take it again and if I do fail, then I will know what to expect the next time.

And what if I don’t fail the exam? What if I don’t fail to find a decent job? What if I don’t fail to finish my degree? What if I don’t fail to succeed? HA. Think about that for a while.

I’ve been in panic mode for a while now (I’m sure you haven’t noticed). It’s boring. There is a bright side to everything. And despite the panic and fear, I do know this is all going to work out. If  I didn’t, I’d be back in insurance. It’s the middle part – after the decision to change something but before the actual change – that always tries to pull me under.  I’m a good swimmer, though. Well, probably not as good as I used to be, but guess what? … blubber floats.  😀