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Despite the fact that my mother and I talk about poop all the time (which is really just a joke), we’re both kind of squeamish about bodily functions and fluids. I would never ever make it as a nurse.

Yesterday I tagged along with MoC to see my grandfather and to get him Mucinex. The first thing out of his mouth was about how he was congested and coughing up a bunch of mucus. In order to escape, MoC mentioned that we were going to lunch, when my grandfather grabbed a tissue, coughed and then held it out to her and said, “See? It’s clear. I guess green is bad, but this is clear.”

Fan. tastic

As we were leaving, MoC told me to shoot her if she ever got that way. So you are all my witnesses. When If I shoot her, it’s because she asked me to.  Because I’m sweet like that.

If you came for Unconscious Mutterings, I’ll put you out of your misery now – without resorting to bullet therapy. Here’s how it works. LunaNina comes up with the word prompts and you say the first thing that pops into your head. Don’t worry that we’ll make fun of you if what you say is silly – we’ll make fun of you either way.  😉

  1. Marathon ::
  2. Debt ::
  3. Turn ::
  4. Image ::
  5. Sofa ::
  6. Envelope ::
  7. Cart ::
  8. Process ::
  9. Question ::
  10. Rumor ::

  1. Marathon :: nap
  2. Debt :: or’s prison
  3. Turn :: the beat around
  4. Image :: is everything
  5. Sofa :: King stupid
  6. Envelope :: stuffer
  7. Cart :: ography
  8. Process :: of elimination
  9. Question :: authority
  10. Rumor :: has it