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The photos for the October photo contest are up at Kacey’s blog. There are some great pictures this month and a lot of people submitted, so we get to vote for our favorite three. It was still tough to only pick three. Go over and give me a boost … but if you like another picture better, don’t feel obligated. I mean, vote for me, of course. Just don’t feel pressured.  Much.

The Nanowrimo story is coming along very slowly because I’m having to work out the mechanics of the story itself, but I am pleased with the progress.

I kind of hope the Phillies win. The Yankees are probably a better team, but that would just make a Phillies win even sweeter. I suppose I’m being disloyal to the American League, but I’m stuck with the Royals, so give me a break. Besides, the Phillies have pretty red caps.

Also, I think the neighbors’ cat, the Evil Twin, has been abandoned. I can’t let him in, but I guess I have a new step-cat to feed.  I’m posting this picture just because I love the look on TRC’s face. It’s a little blurry, but that’s part of what makes it work. I may tell her about the Evil Twin just to see if I can evoke this response.

flying ribbons

Holy flying colored things!

Click to get the full effect of the “what the …?!?” look on her face.