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The new chapter of Risk is up over here. It’s getting easier to post it without freaking out over all the editing it could use. Probably because no one is reading it. Maybe I should work on promoting it on some blog directories? Nah. It’s more fun to whine that it’s not getting hits.

For now, I’m re-working the new story. If I were writing according to the Nanowrimo schedule, I would have 3200 words today. What has actually happened is that I’ve had to rethink the whole thing because I realized that what I wrote all those years ago was crap and I couldn’t use it as a starting point. If I ever get a usable/readable chapter together, I will post it on Capricorncringe

Later this week I plan on delving into HR 3962, the latest House version of the health care bill.  There was a time in my life when I didn’t care what politicians did because I didn’t think it had any affect on me. I really miss those days.

This week I also plan on working on the questionnaire from the school’s placement assistance office. I need to start looking for a job. Now.   I really don’t think I’ll be ready to take the CCNA exam until mid-December at least. That’s just too long to wait before I start looking, especially if I fail the exam, which is very possible. It will be helpful to have the certification on my resume, but I think that if employers know I am preparing for it, that will be almost as good.

Remember those dreams I had? Every bit of symbolism that I looked up had to do with change, uncertainty and fear.  Maybe if I channeled some of that energy into my resume, I’d feel more confident.