I forgot to post the new chapter of Rachel’s Risk. Hey, don’t look at me like that. I try to post at midnight on Sunday but sometimes I forget. Have you ever intended to do something and then forgot? It happens. It happened to me. Sheesh.

My mother texts me. I find that odd, but I don’t know why. Not bad odd, just odd odd.

I almost understood something about Cisco today, but it turned out I was wrong. It’s comforting to know that I’m on the right track but catching the wrong train.

I’ve never lived upstairs from three little boys before. I pray to God that I never do again. I lived below deaf people once. That was fun, because I could play my stereo as loud as I wanted. On the other hand, they were crazy loud because they couldn’t hear themselves. They also tried to talk to each other. AT TOP VOLUME.  I only lived there four months.

I’ve been seeing weird things around here. Hearing stuff. Something isn’t right. I think someone is