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It seems like not-good stuff has been happening to people around me. So, on their behalf, I say “Suck it, Universe … but please don’t retaliate against me because you and me? We’re cool.”

The other day I dragged a load of laundry out of the dryer. I took it into my room to fold it and I heard the distinct sound of claws on metal (or whatever the dryer is made of). I peeked around the corner and sure enough, TRC was sticking her head out and looking adorable. She hates the camera, though, so I have to surprise her. So I went the other way, grabbed my camera, coughed really loud to cover the sound of turning it on, pushed the shutter button halfway down (because I was not going to have time to properly aim and focus) and leaped into the room, aiming at the dryer. This is what I got.


I went in search of more fall-themed pictures this weekend. MoC and I went to a cider mill, which was kind of cool, but there weren’t any photo ops there. They had a viewing area but it was difficult to see the process. I saw a bunch of apples and a conveyor belt thingie but it was hard to see what happened after the apples went up the belt. Okay, they became apple cider but I couldn’t see how.
Why is it that I can never find a good picture when I’m looking for one, but when I’m just wandering around without my camera I see all kinds of pictures? Yeah. Stupid Universe.

I did find this, though. Apparently Death by Dumbass is not covered by their liability policy.

death by dumbass

When I got home tonight I decided to take some pictures from my deck, so I got my camera and walked to the corner where I was greeted by this monster. It’s actually kind of scrunched up here … the damn thing was HUGE (maybe not bigger than a Buick, but definitely bigger than a Mini Cooper)


I went inside to get a weapon, but all I had was hairspray. Unfortunately it was not AquaNet. That stuff is glue and I killed a wolf spider with it once. So I grabbed what I had: TRESemmé.

I think I just made it angry.

If you don’t hear from me … you know what to do.