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I’ve said it before, many times. In fact, I’ve said it so often I don’t know why I can’t remember it. What I’ve said was … MoC always wins. Her triumphs are sprinkled throughout the blog, but a short list of them is compiled on this post (which is always worth a second read. Besides, it’s funny).

The rule is: MoC always wins and MoC is always right. Except when she allows me to be right. Lately, she’s let me be right a lot. Maybe she was trying to build my self-esteem so I wouldn’t feel like such a MO-ron when, inevitably, I was wrong again. Maybe she just thinks it’s fun to give me enough rope to hang myself. Who knows? MoC knows – but she ain’t tellin’.

I’ve had such a long streak of right-ness that I let it go to my head. I got cocky. And MoC just waited patiently and fed me that rope and sure enough, I hanged myself. Figuratively speaking, of course.  I learned in a high school English class that pictures are hung, but people are hanged. I never forgot that. Also, things in the oven get done, but people get finished.

Where was I? Oh, yes, hanging.

A couple months ago, MoC and I were sitting around, talking poop, and as usual, the convo* jumped the tracks. We ended up talking about anger and how it’s really hard to make her angry (and it’s not as easy to anger me (anymore) as it might seem. no kidding) and she said, “I’m easy”

And then I decided not to mock her for saying she was easy (because, come on, she’s my mother. I would never say that to her face.) and then she said, “Wasn’t that a Keith Carradine song?” and I was just soooo sure that he was an actor and not a singer (and now I thank God that I didn’t mock her for that too).  So I said, “Noooo, it was Lionel Richie.” And then I decided to be a smartass, because I always forget Rule Number 1: MoC always wins and MoC is always right.

I said that I used to get Keith Carradine and Lionel Richie confused all the time and she said “Really?” and I laughed and said, “NOOOO!”

Which was all well and good until I looked at my blog stats today. That’s when I saw this:



they call me hell 1
keith carradine i’m easy like sunday mor 1

What? Oh noes!

I did a quick search and found this:

Which leads me to this:  Unlike The Fonz, I can admit when I’m w-wr-w … when someone else is right.

*Convo is the new conversate