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The latest chapter of the book no one is reading is up over here.

I wish I had kept track of all the issues I’ve had with the cable television, because, really, it’s ridiculous. Last year it took 3 months of intermittent problems before they finally figured out the problem was at the pole and not with my cable box or wiring … well, DUH. When my neighbor moved out, he canceled his internet connection – so they turned off my cable, too. I didn’t have service for 2 days before they could come out and fix it. Oh, and when I called, they didn’t TELL me the service had been disconnected, they pretended not to know what the issue was. However, I did get free DVR for 6 months for that little train wreck.

Last week the company was in my area .. doing God only knows what. Well, I know what they did. They fucked up my service. Again. It went out. Then it came back – with closed captioning. CC helps a lot of people and I’m all for it – on their televisions. Leave mine alone! I tried to remove it with the tv remote, but I couldn’t (for technical reasons that are beyond my level of caring). So I called the cable company. The rep did some mumbo jumbo with the remote and then finally re-sent the digital signal to my tv. At that point, the service quit completely. *sigh* But it came back after about an hour and I had no more trouble.

Until yesterday. I took a break from Algebraic Hell (in which you aren’t in a lake of fire, but you are forced to solve radical expressions. Give me the lake of fire. Please!) to see how badly the Chefs were losing. And when I turned on the television I got a message saying the terminal was locked and I needed to put in my PIN. The PIN I never set.

So I called. And after 2 hours on the phone, they told me they had reset everything and they could have a technician out today. Sometime between 8am and 5pm. WHAT?

It’s 2:00 and I’ve not had a call.

My car should be ready to pick up, but I haven’t heard from the body shop either. Of course, I can’t leave to get my car, even though it’s two blocks away, because the second I step foot outside, the cable guy will call and if I don’t answer, they will leave.

But I’m sure I could get another all day appointment window for tomorrow.

It’s okay, I can always keep myself busy by finding the discriminant and the number of solutions for

In case you were wondering, the discriminant is 0 and the number of solutions is 1. You’re welcome.