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Apparently, I don’t have time for real blog posts anymore. I was planning on writing one about MoC, where she called me a MO-ron all day and then I was going to explain why she was calling me a MO-ron so you wouldn’t think she was mean. We also witnessed rude customers being rude to a nice waitress, I dropped blackberry jam into my coffee and snorted (with laughter, I didn’t snort the coffee. Sheesh), and she cussed out a young man who parked next to her car without raising her voice above a whispered whisper. If I tell you more, there’s no reason to write the post later.

I have about 40 algebra problems to do, plus a quiz to complete. So while I’m doing that, you can do word associations. I think you have the better end of that deal.

Here are the word prompts from LunaNina, knock yourselves out. Well, not really. Then I’d have to call you a MO-ron 😀

  1. My treat ::
  2. Bell ::
  3. Five ::
  4. You’re crazy ::
  5. Disgust ::
  6. Tempest ::
  7. Bummer ::
  8. Brim ::
  9. Hose ::
  10. Lollipop ::

  1. My treat :: your trick
  2. Bell :: Salvation Army
  3. Five :: is the square root of 25
  4. You’re crazy :: like a fox
  5. Disgust :: ing
  6. Tempest :: stormy
  7. Bummer :: dude
  8. Brim ::stone
  9. Hose :: water
  10. Lollipop :: Oh, lolly, lollipop!

PS I won the September contest at Kacey’s blog so thanks for the votes!