There’s a new chapter of Rachel’s Risk over here.

The neighbors (in the apartment building next to my house) who had the Evil Twin moved out. I remember thinking that the Evil Twin was a stray and that he just kind of adopted that family. But this summer, when I asked the neighbor, she said it was their cat. So … who knows.

They moved out this weekend. Saturday morning, I saw the Evil Twin sitting under the Dumpster. I’ve seen him there before, so I didn’t think much about it … until I remembered that they had been moving stuff out of there Friday night. Still, I thought they would come back for their cat. Sunday morning, the Evil Twin was under the Dumpster again. At that point I was convinced the bastards left their cat behind. But tonight I noticed that their window shades were up (they were down Saturday night. Yes, I’m a spy, but also? That’s my view from my windows. It’s not like I was spying but more like I don’t have any place else to look) and the windows were open. So they had been back during the day. I haven’t seen the Evil Twin – and I hope that means they finally took him with them.

I would adopt the Evil Twin myself, except I wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the Evil Twin and Indy.

DSCN3351pensive indy