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The new chapter of Rachel’s Risk is up over here . I usually schedule to post around midnight on Sunday night, but I forgot.  No one actually had to wait 17 hours because no one is reading the damn thing anyway.

I went to the grocery store on the way home from school. The parking lot was packed and as I pulled into a row, I saw an empty spot. I pulled in and turned off the car. Then I looked up and saw the sign that designates it as a parking place for expectant mothers. I got out of the car. If anyone had questioned me, I was going to accuse them of ageism. I could be pregnant. It’s possible. I’m not too old to have a baby. I’m slightly too gay to have one in the usual way, but I’m not too old! Just the same, I’m sorry for taking a parking space you could have used, Erin.

My next class starts tomorrow – unless I decide to drop it. If I do that, I have to re-enroll when I do decide to come back (after the CCNA exam). If I start the class, I can always drop it if it’s too much. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal – and I took Phoenix classes while I was working on the A+ and Network+ certifications – but CCNA is super intense, though, and I don’t feel very comfortable with it. Also, the class is math and I always quote Barbie to sum up my feelings. “Math is hard.”  After math (ohhh, I could use that as a book title), I have “database concepts” and then SQL for business. Sounds to me like I’ll be crying through the next three courses. I just hate to keep putting off classes because it will take longer.

I think the kids downstairs are playing WWE Smackdown.  It’s time for me to go down there and show them how it’s done. I’ve got it all planned out. I’ll catch the little one and tie him up. Then I’ll use him to beat the other two*

*Dear child welfare worker:  I would never beat a child.

I would pay someone else to do it.**

**It was a joke! Relax! I kid, I kid.