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My dad used to have a button that said: We do bullet therapy. One session.

I loved that button and I wish I still had it.

He had another one that said in Chinese script: Confucius says fuck off.

My dad’s favorite quote was, “You don’t look so bad. Here, have another.” *

Today we’re going to go with bullet therapy because A) I like it and B) it seems to be the only way the words will appear on the screen.

  • I think one of my instructors has a crush on me. He came up behind me this morning and started rubbing my shoulders. I wasn’t sure how to react so I just enjoyed the massage. Then later, I asked him a question and on the way back to my desT®, he put his arm around me.  Maybe he is just a friendly guy but … I’ve been at that school since March and he’s been very friendly without touching me. So, yeah. I should ask him if he has a sister.
  • My neighbors have a son who is autistic. The mom warned me that he could get a “little loud.” She didn’t tell me that he had screaming fits at 11:00pm, complete with thudding, like heavy furniture being tossed around. Or maybe he was beating a wall. I don’t know. I don’t have a clue what that must be like for them and I wouldn’t try to guess. I just know that for me, it’s  disturbing.
  • I have a couple of contact names for jobs. Today an old friend found me on facebook. When I looked at her profile her status message said she was now a headhunter … hmm.
  • Those of you who know me well and love me anyway may have noticed that my sense of humor is kind of dark, sarcastic and gallow-y. Which is fine. Not everyone gets it, but that’s okay, too. It’s just that I really believe that when we put negative energy out there, we get negative energy back.
    • I worry a lot about some things, but not at all about other things. One of the things I worry about is “the future” – and you have to say it in a Twilight Zone kind of voice. I’m not at all concerned that I’ll be living under a bridge (despite joking/threatening  that I will move in with MoC), but I do worry about how I will not be living under a bridge. As a consequence of that worry, I like to have a plan.
    • One of the things I don’t worry about is whether the plan is a good one. I just need a plan, any plan, to make me feel better.
  • Despite the things I worry about (and I worry them to DEATH, believe me), I feel I am actually an optimistic person. I’m certainly not Pollyanna, but I think things work out for the best most of the time.
    • I don’t think that’s wrong.  I don’t think it’s stupid, either.
  • My plan is to finish the CCNA class by the end of this month and take the test in mid-October.
    • That’s do-able.
    • I can survive on savings and unemployment for another six weeks.

My dad also had a button that said: Why eat shit and die when you can have a Pepsi?

I think that’s a great plan, but all I have is Diet 7-Up.

*If you know that reference, I bow to you.