The next chapter is up over here . The more I look at this book, the more I wish I could bury it. On the bright side, the things I see that need fixing actually can be fixed. It’s not a total loss.

I took my camera out yesterday and MoC went with me. Much hilarity was had, but it’s not really translatable to a blog post. There was a lot of cursing. I complained that she was embarrassing me so then she cursed very softly. If you’ve never heard my mother whisper “duckfucker” disdainfully at a man who was yelling at his kids, then you simply haven’t lived.

I took some pics for an upcoming photo contest and as it gets closer, I will let you guys choose which picture I should submit.

This isn’t for the contest, but I took it Saturday night. It is not ‘shopped, it’s straight out of the camera. I think it might be one of my all time favorites.


Oh, crap. Look at the time!